Gallery: far flung family

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June 21, 2012 by talkaboutyork

The theme for The Gallery this week (which admittedly I don’t take part in that often) is Family.

Families are funny things. When you’re a kid you think that family is your mum and dad and any siblings. Then you realise that granny and grandpa are family too. As are uncles and aunts and cousins. As everyone gets older you get husbands, wives, in-laws of a million variations…. and children. And suddenly the cycle starts over where the children see you as their family. And so it goes on, an ever-growing collage of faces.

Some families are dysfunctional. Others tight knit. Some are both. But families are fundamentally your roots in the world. Without them, it would be easy to be blown down in a storm. They are what make you who you are. They add colour, texture, depth and warmth to life. They’re the people who know the real you, no matter how much you might change or grow.

Sadly, my family is scattered across the globe. While it’s great for building up airmiles, it’s absolutely pants if you just want to pop in for a cup of tea with your sister to have a moan about something.  The thing is, the distance doesn’t matter. We still know that with each other, we can be ourselves. They’re the first people I call to tell big news. They’re my cheerleading squad and voice of reason and sounding board. Without them, I would feel utterly alone.  So while I wish they were nearer, I am grateful each day that they are there at all.


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