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July 11, 2012 by talkaboutyork

Ignoring the small issue of an imminent house move, this week has been all about sport. It started with Murray’s on air sobbing at Wimbledon that made the entire country forgive him for a) being Scottish and b) being a grumpy arse. Then we had the heady excitement of sports day on Monday, but despite the highs of the hilarious skipping race, that was simply an amuse-bouche in the smorgasbord of sporting excitement to come.

On Monday evening, we received an email from the Ben Ainslie Facebook Fan page giving my eldest son answers to all the questions he’d sent over for his Olympic project. We felt like we were talking to the man himself (obviously we weren’t but how cool that my 8 year old conducted his own little interview and got real answers back!)

I can think of worse things in the world than being stuck on a boat with him

On Tuesday our Olympic tickets arrived. We’re going to see Great Britain play football at Old Trafford. My children are just a tiny bit excited about this. Personally I’d prefer to be in Weymouth watching the sailing, but sadly that won’t be happening.

And today, I decided rather last minute, to pop into our local town which happened to have the Olympic torch coming through it. I worried unnecessarily about the traffic and finding parking and quickly got to join our school as they lined up waiting for the big moment. There was such an incredible sense of expectation and excitement – I think I was more enthusiastic than the kids. Thank god no-one gave me some of the free inflatable whacking sticks or I might have done someone an injury.

After countless incredibly good looking friendly policeman came past giving the kids’ high fives (and the mums a heart quickening) the moment arrived. Clare Balding, TV presenter took the flame and set off past us in floods of tears, obviously very moved by the occasion. I’m not surprised – it is amazing to see the Olympic flame go by so close, much less have the honour of carrying it.

It was soon all over and I returned home feeling full of Olympic spirit. Waiting on the doorstep was an envelope for my son from the Ben Ainslie team containing stickers and a badge. He is going to be thrilled to bits. How lovely of them.

So while I didn’t get many tickets and I won’t get to be in London for the big show, this week has finally made it real – the Olympic Games are coming to our little wet island in just 16 days. How absolutely bloody marvellous! Can you feel the excitement building?


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