July 23, 2012 by talkaboutyork

It’s 4am. My eyes are heavy, desperate to close and return to sleep. But my mind is racing. My shoulders, made pink by yesterday’s sun, feel tight and stingy. My mouth is dry from the wine I had last night while sitting in our garden enjoying the first proper summer evening of the year.

I’ve been awake since 2am, when my eight year old had a nightmare. He wandered into our room looking for us, only we weren’t there. We’ve had to move into the spare room as we no longer have a mattress on our gorgeous sleigh bed. We bought it 12 years ago in Boston. It is an American Super King. It can comfortably fit all four of us, including my six foot five husband. We’ve regularly played the game ‘there were four in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over’ in it. Sadly, it is too big to get out of our house so the new owners are keeping it. We had to remove the mattress yesterday in readiness for their new one, hence the room change.

Placating our son who snuggled in between us, I realised how much I’m going to miss that huge bed. There are far more pointy elbows and knees in a normal size double.

Willing myself to go back to sleep, my brain was having none of it. It started racing with the lists of things I need to do today. The packers arrive. I still need to pack overnight bags for us and get out the coffee making things and make sure I keep all the cat stuff out and don’t forget the Olympic tickets or the contact details for our temporary accommodation and charge the kids’ Nintendo DS games and put some loo roll somewhere so it’s not packed and get sleeping bags and pillows out for tonight and cricket kit for the match son 1 is meant to be playing this evening and and and…..

So I got up.

I know that today is going to be a very long day. My head is going to feel foggy from a lack of sleep. Tempers might flair.

The weather is meant to be good, so my aim is to let the packers get on with it while I play in the garden with the boys. Because from tomorrow we won’t have a garden any more. Not one you can kick a football or play a game of cricket in.

We’ve decided that tonight we will put our mattresses in the drawing room side by side and do some indoor camping. We will keep the small BBQ out (another thing to remember) and roast marshmallows and let the kids stay up playing in the garden as late as they like.

Because Tuesday is moving day.

This is probably my last blog post written from my little study. I have spent so many hours sitting here at my desk working, blogging and gazing out at the garden, which is currently shrouded in darkness.  I shall have a different view very soon.

There’s a bit of pink in the sky now. A new dawn is nearly here.


One thought on “Awake

  1. Big day for you…..hope it goes well and you get the best start to your exciting new adventure x

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