River Ouse – normal vs flood level pics


September 28, 2012 by talkaboutyork

In August we hired a Red Boat and spent a merry hour on the River Ouse. I took lots of little snaps of the river as we went. I have created some compare and contrast pics. The first picture in each shows the normal water levels. The second (and in one instance third) show the September 2012 flood levels just to put it in perspective.

The Bonding Warehouse on a normal day and pic 2, in flood

People enjoying Dyls Riverside cafe. And Dyls water filled cafe

People enjoying the outdoor seating on King’s Staith outside Lowthers. Pic 2 – Kings arms and Lowthers under water

Lendal bridge water levels on a normal day vs during the flood

Normal levels under Mickelgate bridge and during the flood

Pic 1 is normal water levels under scarborough bridge, 2 is during flood and 3 is close up during flood



On the bank at the bottom of St Mary’s – pic 1 shows a normal day, pic 2 you can see how the far bank has disappeared. The second pic is taken well back from where the boys are sitting in the first shot



2 thoughts on “River Ouse – normal vs flood level pics

  1. Iota says:

    Interesting to see. Wow, where has all that water come from? I can’t imagine being in a flood. Very scary.

  2. It was a very placid flood – not raging torrents,but just a LOT of water

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