November 15, 2012 by talkaboutyork

This has not been a week for writing. Not my blog and not my creative writing course which I have glanced at and cast aside. My brain is too full of clutter to write clearly.

We’re at that tipping point. The kitchen is nearly installed. The last of the painting has to happen. The glass doors and study units arrive next week. The house is finally resembling a home. I have a new LARGE fridge and a freezer which means I can shop in bulk. I have unpacked my kitchen boxes. I’ve hoovered and dusted and dusted and hoovered. I have cursed the overfull garage and thrown more perfectly good things away than a war wife could possibly stand, just to find things like a missing bolt.

I’ve organised a myriad of interminably dull things outside of home, from watch repairs to posting items to ordering scrum caps to collecting Christmas gift boxes for school.

I have neglected the poor city of York. I haven’t been writing about it mainly because I have only seen the inside of my house and very boring establishments of late – like the council offices, post office and key cutters.

It has been a week of tedium. Some weeks are just like that.

Tomorrow I am downing tools of tedium and joining some girlfriends at the Living North Essence of Christmas Show 2012.  I can’t buy anything as I have nowhere to put new stuff (I have nowhere to put old stuff either). But the chance to browse and gossip with girlfriends will be a restorative balm for the soul.

Here’s to the last mile. May our house finally become a home.


One thought on “Tedium

  1. Iota says:

    It’s a long process, that house to home journey.

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