The Perky Peacock

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November 20, 2012 by talkaboutyork

York is not short of coffee shops. It’s practically the Seattle of Britain. But I confess to having a bit of a gem on my doorstep.

The Perky Peacock was originally set up in the old Toll Booth on Lendal Bridge. I visited it once when we first moved to York because I was told that it made the best coffee in town. And the smell of bacon that wafts out of the door was another compelling reason to pop in. It was as good as advertised.

Fast forward a few months….and the Perky Peacock has opened a second branch on Gillygate, a spit away from where we live. It has become the place I go to escape the builders.

There are several reasons why I can recommend it:

They claim to be ‘the saviour of coffee’. And the coffee is indeed very good. But  more importantly I like tongue-in-cheek claims that happen to be true. They also claim to serve ‘life-changing cake’. I haven’t tried it yet, but I like the sentiment very much. Perhaps you’re poor and single. You have some cake and instantly you’re rich and you meet Prince Charming. Ta da. And just like that it is so – or not, but it’s worth a try (and you get to eat cake in the process).

They are very reasonably priced. A latte is £2.20, Yorkshire tea is £1.20, bacon butties are £2.50 and toasted sandwiches (fillings like mozzarella, tomato and pesto) are £2.75.

They sell doorstep toast with marmite. Nuff said.

They have a good sense of humour, selling biscuits on the counter called ‘Nob hobs – like hobnobs, only better’. And their current window decoration features Christmas Elves with holes where the faces would be so that customers sitting on the stools in the window fill the space.

Mostly though, it’s because the owner – Nicola Peacock – is lovely and friendly and welcoming. And she remembers you. When I popped in today, the first thing she asked was how the builders were getting on. It’s little touches like that which make the Perky Peacock much better than a faceless, nameless global giant (who may or may not pay taxes).

I’d like to keep Perky Peacock to myself, but I’ll share it with you as I want Nicola to do well. So if you need a good cup of joe, head to the Perky Peacock (74 Gillygate or on Lendal Bridge).  Neither location is huge inside, but that’s what makes them cosy. Follow them on twitter @saviourofcoffee


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