Xing! How to feel better on a cold day

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December 6, 2012 by talkaboutyork


I feel rubbish. I have a cold that will not go, a cough that had my eyes streaming and me retching in the street thanks to the intensity of throat tickle, a thumping headache, chills, sweats and a slight cloud of nausea that seems to float over me.

This is not a week to be poorly. I have way too much to do. Which is probably why I am still poorly, because I’m not just getting into bed and feeling sorry for myself like I should.

While I was out today, I felt I needed to eat something but wasn’t feeling like much. Coughing my way up the Shambles, I saw a sign that said: Xing – feel good food. Pretty much exactly what I needed. I was prepared to take them at their word and hope that I felt better.

I popped in and looked at their chalk board specials. The sausage casserole was definitely more than I could cope with. But the chickpea, lentil and harissa soup sounded perfect – warming, slightly spicy, comforting and good for me.

Clutching my tub of soup, I headed out into the icy wind again, warming my hands on the sides of it. It was heaven. Absolutely delicious and EXACTLY what I needed on this cold winter day.

So impressed was I that I looked the company up on the interweb to see what they were all about. Their site says: Everyone knew that when we eat better we feel better, but it was our job to make it taste good enough to eat.

For years I’ve been after healthy (healthier), tasty fast food.  Xing seems to be offering good tasty fare that fits this bill. They started out making super smoothies, but they now have other things like porridge and soups. They also have wrapinis, with amazing sounding fillings like Cajun Halloumi: Grilled peppers, gerkin, fresh tomatoes, cous cous, cajun halloumi or Smokey Burrito: Smokey chilli con carne, brown rice, salsa, sour cream. They have daily specials, which all sound yum. See them here.

So if you’re out and about in York and want a tasty, healthy snack (as opposed to a pie, fish & chips or cake which is available on most corners), seek out Xing on the Shambles. I still have my cold but I feel a tiny bit better for my soup.


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