Summer is coming. Seriously. Bring on the ice cream


March 21, 2013 by talkaboutyork


I know. It’s still freezing outside. But today there was sun. Actual sun with blue sky. And it got me feeling all summery. Well as summery as you can be in a winter coat and boots.

I love summer. I love that the days are long and the evenings light. I love that you can head outdoors without looking like a woolly yak. I love BBQs and dining al fresco. I love the feeling that anything is possible just because it’s not raining. I love flip flops and painted toenails. I love summer dresses and gently tanned skin. (I do understand that this is how I imagine summer to be, rather than the actual British summer).

And I love ice cream. Winter is not a good time to eat ice cream. It’s not the eating a cold thing that is the problem. It’s trying to hold a cone with gloves on. Messy.

Anyway, despite having lived in York for, gosh almost 9 months now, I have until a week ago, never been to LICC (Luxury Ice Cream Company).

What a treat I have been missing.

LICC sells up to 24 different flavours of ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt at any one time, and have created over 150 different flavours – covering the whole fruit spectrum, classic nut varieties, rich chocolates and bubble gum and jelly bean flavours. When I was there, I tried liquorice, which was yum. Small tubs/cones are £2.50, large £3.50 while a Baby LICC is just 55p!


But it’s not just the ice cream that is worth visiting LICC for. It is simply beautiful inside, a sweetie wonderland with quirky displays of old fashioned sweets and gorgeous decor. Children will love it (well mums love it too!)


You can also get treats like hot waffles with ice cream, a LICCerbocker Glory (£6.50), a Screwball (£3.50), Sundaes (£6.50), Banana Splits (£6.50), Coke Floats (£2.70), hot chocolate with marshmallows on top £1.50)or a simple tea or coffee. You can even take large tubs away with the LICC away range (£9). 

So it might not be summer just yet, but I feel a bit of ice cream eating practice is in order – just so we’re fully prepared come the glorious season.

You can find LICC at 20 Swinegate, York.


(As always, this is not a sponsored post. I write about places I like. Simples!)



4 thoughts on “Summer is coming. Seriously. Bring on the ice cream

  1. judithkingston says:

    Oh my, how did I miss that! I lived in York for 2 years and never saw this place – do you know if it’s fairly new? Looks amazing. My favourite place for sweet things was always the Fudge Kitchen. I had to stop going because I could not prevent myself from devouring an entire slice in one sitting.

    • I think it’s been there since 2010 or 2011. I haven’t tried the fudge kitchen as I’m not a huge fan of fudge but I walk past I t regularly. When did you live here?

      • judithkingston says:

        2001-2003. So clearly missed some essential ice cream developments since then. And the Fudge Kitchen fudge is not like your regular fudge. It’s soft. Give it a try!

  2. Alison says:

    OK, this is a must try when we’re back in October (which I’m sure will be equally chilly!).

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