My favourite shop in York


April 19, 2013 by talkaboutyork

Yorkshire_Soap_012 There are many lovely shops in York. Not only their contents, but their locations make them seem more interesting, quirky and intriguing – easily done with narrow cobbled streets and ancient buildings. But there is one shop which outshines all others. Whenever we have visitors to York, it is one of the first places I take them. Perhaps it’s the bubbles which float out from the front door. Or it could be the sheer beauty of the displays or the heady fragrance that hits you as you walk in. Mainly, I think it’s because it is such a clever idea, brilliantly executed. YSC_Jan13_HighRes_033 (1) The Yorkshire Soap Co. (found on Blake Street in York) makes cakes. Exquisite, beautiful looking cakes – like strawberries and cream, lemon meringue, cherry bakewell and chocolate fudge. They’re decorated with dainty hand made flowers. They smell amazing. They are served by the slice or as tiny cupcakes in paper cupcake holders. And when you buy them, they’re put into a box and tied with ribbon. YSC_Jan13_HighRes_424 YSC_Jan13_HighRes_390 There’s just one catch – they’re NOT edible. They’re soap. The founders – Marcus (a former chef) and Warren (a maker of soaps) are the Willy Wonka’s of the soap world. They have created a paradise that is so unusual you can’t help but be captivated. The decor is slightly bizarre, almost surreal, but grand, beautiful and opulent at the same time. And the music that is played …. it’s full of wonder and expectation and upliftment. It makes you feel as though anything is possible – like something out of Alice in Wonderland. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if a March Hare started darting about the place while a Mad Hatter pocketed cupcakes surreptiously. YSC_Jan13_HighRes_006 The beautiful cakes are what get you in the door, but once inside the wonderland, you find plenty of goodies – like huge basins filled with delicious bath salts, or shelves of foam bath, room fragrances, gorgeous candles and less dainty but equally dazzling soaps like tomato and basil. YSC_Jan13_HighRes_127 I was there today. Again. Showing more visitors my favourite shop in York. It was relatively quiet being a week day morning. But I have been there on weekends where it has been mobbed with customers all walking around in open mouthed astonishment or breathing in deeply, enjoying the fragrance. When I was there just before Christmas, I asked how things were going since their recent opening (they’ve run a similar shop in Hebden Bridge for a while). Warren confessed that they had been overwhelmed, with a queue from the till to the piano (yes, there’s a piano in store obviously). They were making the products as fast as they could and were still selling out. YSC_Jan13_HighRes_142 It’s easy to see why. It’s a magic treasure trove. I highly recommend you stop by and be enchanted. And my hearty congratulations to Warren and Marcus for their innovative entrepreneurship – I love it when small businesses with a brilliant idea do well. YSC_Jan13_HighRes_030   My thanks to the Yorkshire Soap Co. for giving me the pictures. This is not a sponsored post. None of my posts are sponsored. If they are, I’ll say so. I just write about things I love.


4 thoughts on “My favourite shop in York

  1. indreamworld says:

    Not seen that shop before, but then again I’ve not been shopping in York for a while. Looks lovely, will definitely be paying it a visit when I’m next there!

  2. Cheryl Downs says:

    I thought this was a bakery when I walked by the shop. Walking in Of course discovered the beautiful pastries were SOAP. One of the most beautiful shops in York!!!!!

  3. Aww this post is lovely, I love York because of reason like this, those cakes are so cute and look yummy, good post,

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