my day (by my 7 year old)


April 23, 2013 by talkaboutyork

My 7 year old has had a few issues at school recently, basically crying and not wanting to go in and saying everything is boring. Yesterday he ended up hiding under my bed and refusing to get dressed or go to school … until I eventually threatened to call the police. He sobbed all the way to school and just generally wasn’t a happy bunny. So I asked his head teacher to chat to him to try figure out what the problem was. After a good long chat, my son pretty much admitted that he behaved this way just to wind his mother up. Who would have guessed!

We agreed a plan of action i.e. dropping him off at Before School Club to avoid the classroom separation drama.

Anyway on the way to school today, he was much calmer and I suggested that he should believe that he will have an awesome day and then he will. (I also pointed out that no matter what he did at school, it couldn’t be as bad as what some of the kids in India will go through, spending their day sitting in landfill sites, sifting through rubbish to make a tiny bit of money to buy food. He agreed that yes, even handwriting wouldn’t be as bad as that.)

So this evening he asked if he could write a blog post. I said yes and suggested he write about his day. He asked me if I could type it for him otherwise it would take too long. He dictated, I typed.

Fan fare please! Here is my 7 year old’s guest blog post for your reading pleasure:

My Day

My day was excellent. I didn’t cry when I went in to before school club. It was an excellent day because I got my work photocopied because it was so good. I am very modest. I went to the deputy head and did maths with Harry and Finley. And then I went to the toilet. Then it was lunch time. It was roast beef. It was very nice but I wanted a bit more gravy. Me and Oliver were playing a game. It was called crash the speedos together! It was the best game ever! Then we went into music. It was ok. We played egg shakers in music. It was very easy and very fun. And then I went to the toilet again to do a poo this time. And then I played cricket which was easy and really good because I got six runs and I got us up to 56 runs.  It was the best day ever! 

And then I came home and talked about the bug hotel and what to do to train the army for the bug hotel. We are going to do shadowing tomorrow. Then my mummy helped me make a secret code. Here is my name in the secret code: LCOKG.

Then I had supper. It was pizza. It was very nice but I ate nearly all the salad so I am a very healthy person.

My advice for having a good day is to go to Before School Club and not wait outside the classroom otherwise you’ll get all cry-y when your mummy leaves and everyone will stare at you.

Aim for your day to be awesome or excellent and don’t cry when you’re going in (and go to the toilet).

PS – I just saw two birds mate.

The End.


Those were his words I swear. I apologise for all the toilet references and as for the birds mating….well he did see it happen as we were typing it. Sorry. As to what the speedo crashing game is…the mind boggles.


2 thoughts on “my day (by my 7 year old)

  1. That’s hilarious! Love the toilet references and the birds mating. I can imagine my 8 year old describing a day quite similarly.

    I hope things improve on the school front… he still adjusting after the move do you think?

    • NVG – I think he is still adjusting. And I think him playing up is his little way of ‘getting me back’ for upsetting his world. He is generally happy – I think sometimes a little thing at school upsets him and then the whole thing is in his view ‘bad’

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