Adventures in baking


May 22, 2013 by talkaboutyork

Go on. Name some of the favourite things you like to put in your mouth (steady on). On my list would have to be:

a) wine

b) cake

c) bacon

Chocolate doesn’t feature. Neither does lettuce. I feel that makes me a well balanced person.

Anyway, I was given a challenge. My son’s school is holding an international buffet day tomorrow. Each child has had to painstakingly research (well painful for the parent who had to assist when all the child wanted to do was play on computer games instead of looking up fun facts) a specific city to create a tourist brochure. I remember doing things like this when I was a child. But I am a girl and therefore found it quite fun to cut out pictures and write words and make things look pretty. Apparently my boy child has less enthusiasm.

I digress. The other part of the project was for each child to bring in a dish local to their specific city. This is the part where the mums try to outdo each other for top marks, house points and gold stars. Our city (note the use of ‘our’ rather than ‘his’) was Toronto. I now know a lot about Toronto and I have to say, it sounds delightful and I would happily go visit it. But in the course of our research, we learned that Toronto is massively multi-cultural which means that there isn’t really one food specific to the city. Most of the other unique Canadian delicacies seemed to belong to the French speaking Quebec region.

So we asked ourselves. What two food stuffs is Canada known for? Easy. Maple syrup and bacon. Canadian bacon. To the rest of the world know as back bacon. Americans call it Canadian bacon because it’s not streaky like the pretend bacon you get in the USA.

So maple syrup and bacon. Bacon and maple syrup. What to do? What to do? We couldn’t do french toast with maple syrup and bacon or pancakes with maple syrup with a side of bacon as there is no way for us to keep the food warm. But then I turned to the all knowing power of Google and typed bacon and maple syrup recipes.

And whaddaya know? Apparently these two ingredients are used fairly frequently to make maple syrup and bacon cupcakes. Yes, really.

So I made them. I followed this recipe (thanking the Bacon Today website for this – I do like a website that is entirely dedicated to bacon.) I followed it to the letter including ‘beating the crud out of the butter’, except that I didn’t add extra salt – I didn’t think it needed it. And I have absolutely no idea what Turbinado sugar is, so I skipped that.

They turned out to look pretty awesome. The proof however was in the tasting. There was no way I was taking them into school without finding out if I needed to take barf bags along as a side dish.

Drum roll for the verdict please…….


Turns out that that bacon in a cake is fan-bloody-tastic. Who knew? Salty and sweet at the same time. This is the new way forward. Bacon in everything. My husband will be pleased.

So returning to my original thought of what three things I like to put in my mouth. I am nailing two out of three with this treat AND I get to wash them down with a glass of wine for being such a genius. Ta Da!




3 thoughts on “Adventures in baking

  1. I can’t quite get my head around bacon on a cupcake, but I think my kids would love it – they like bacon with everything. Well done for coming up with such a great idea. I would have been panicking like mad.

  2. Potty Mummy says:

    I’m assuming you had a nice glass of wine, to go with it?

  3. indreamworld says:

    Bacon in a cake, and washed down with a glass of wine?! Sounds fantastic! 🙂 Will have to give them a go, me and the kids will love it. Husband is a veggie though so doubt he’ll be impressed. Oh well, all the more for us! 🙂 YUm

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