A romantic trip around our indoors


June 7, 2013 by talkaboutyork

I’ve not managed to keep up with all the ‘Where I live’ linkys. But I thought I would have a quick go at the most recent one, which is about the ‘Indoors’ of where I live. I say quick because I’m about to dash off for a romantic weekend mini break with my husband to celebrate our anniversary. And that’s what my indoors theme is about – art that symbolises my relationship with my husband.

My husband and I have lived in 10 houses since we’ve been together. Each house has seen us acquire new stuff and lose some of the old stuff. Each move has made new memories but we’ve been forced to part with some of our old things that made us who we are today. It’s a strange renewal process.

I’ll start at the beginning of our love story. We had only been dating a few weeks when my birthday rolled around. He took me on safari and gave me this – an original Hannah Swain. Buying art for anyone is difficult. Buying art for someone you barely know is crazy. But he bought me this and I loved it and still do. It’s my favourite picture in our house.

205We moved to NYC at one point in our travels. We lived in an apartment one block away from the Flat Iron building. This picture hangs in our bedroom now, as a reminder of where we used to live (back in the crazy, glamorous pre-children life).

207We got married in 2002 and had a small wedding with just 50 or so people. But it was fantastic. Everyone travelled from around the world to spend a weekend in South Africa with us. This is a group shot that everyone signed. I love reading their good wishes to us – they are all so joyful!


As a gift to all our guests, we gave everyone a little set of these African carved figures which we put into boxes with a tag that said ‘Man & Wife’. We got our set framed as a reminder of the day.


These next two pictures were the 10th wedding anniversary gift I gave to my husband this time last year. The first picture symbolised us on our wedding day. The second, where we were this time last year i.e. about to move to York on a brand new adventure.


196Strangely, he decided to give me art last anniversary too. This is what he gave me – an original Rozanne Bell. It came with a promise that one day we would live by the sea (because that is where I have always wanted to live but we opted for his home county of Yorkshire instead.)

200And now that we’re safely ensconced in York, I thought it only right that I learned the local language so that I can match my Yorkshire husband. This is my cheat sheet.

201Lastly, there hasn’t been much reference to our children in this post. That’s because it’s about us on our anniversary weekend. But I did receive this rather marvellous original Dorrance cartoon for my birthday from some lovely friends who know me well. It pretty much sums up my approach to parenting….it even looks like me.


Happy anniversary to my husband. I hope our art gallery grows as we do.


3 thoughts on “A romantic trip around our indoors

  1. Love seeing your gallery. It’s so nice to have stuff from around the world that really sums up your life. I must do mine too. x

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this–what a perfect theme, even without the anniversary weekend but especially because of it (Happy anniversary, by the way!)

    What a varied collection of art you have, I imagine your house is quite interesting to spend time in, gazing at the walls. I love that you’ve collected special things from around the world. That photo of the Flat Iron building is just wow.

    Thanks for joinin inthe Where I Live Linky and sharing all of this!!

  3. iota says:

    Lovely to see these pictures – insights into your life and travels.

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