Toast – hot or not?


October 4, 2013 by talkaboutyork

I once read a blog post (I can’t remember which) that had a list titled ‘How do you know that you are a married to a Brit?’ One of the quirks of Britishness that was highlighted was the desire to eat cold toast.

I thought about that for a while. Did my husband really enjoy eating cold toast? I had honestly never really noticed. So I began to take a keener interest in his toast eating habits.

When I make toast, I yank it out of the toaster with great speed, often burning my fingers in the process. I have the butter and knife at the ready so that a good slathering of butter can be applied immediately, thus resulting in maximum meltage. This makes it far easier to spread the marmite (which is the only suitable topping for toast*).

The only time I do not eat toast hot is when I stay at a British B&B or hotel where toast is served in a toast rack. (*This is also the only time it is acceptable not to have marmite but to have preserves in tiny little glass jars instead). Cold toast taken from a toast rack has a special chewiness to it which is rather pleasing. It allows you to spread butter thickly on the toast, upon which your preserves or marmalade can proudly be displayed.

I am trying to decide whether cold toast actually is better than warm toast, or whether it’s simply the fact that I haven’t had to make the toast and it is served to me, normally with a side of eggs, bacon and fried tomato and a pot of coffee, which makes it taste special. Cold toast on a toast rack may simply be riding the coat tails of a full English fry up…

Anyway, back to my husband. I began to notice that he did indeed make his toast and leave it lying about, completely unadorned for several minutes (up to fifteen minutes at times!) He occasionally wafts it in the air if he is short on time, in a bid to cool it more quickly. Otherwise he builds a toast teepee as shown above. This is apparently the optimal cooling pose for toast as it prevents a soggy bottom (and for anyone familiar with the Great British Bake Off, a soggy bottom is NEVER a good thing).

It appears he really does prefer his toast cold. I put the question to Facebook friends, asking for their opinions on which is preferable – toast hot or cold – and asking for their nationalities. I am still waiting for further votes. But so far hot toast seems to be winning regardless of where the toast eater is from.

So please join in blogosphere. Do you eat your toast hot or cold? And where are you from? Incidentally, if there are any toast rack companies out there in need of a review, I am sure my husband would be happy to oblige.

7 thoughts on “Toast – hot or not?

  1. Potty Mummy says:

    Hmmm. On balance, I think I prefer it hot or warm, especially when slathered with butter AND peanut butter. Lots of lovely yummy meltiness there. However, since we can’t have the latter in the house (the boys’ nut allergies), I actually don’t bother with toast at all from one trip to my parent’s house to the next…

  2. I definitely prefer it hot. No point in cold toast. Love it with melty butter and marmite, or marmalade. And my boys always complain if their toast is cold too.

  3. barbedwords says:

    As a Brit, I can say I wouldn’t go to the trouble of cooling it down when it’s come out all hot and yummy from the toaster. But cold toast is a real hotel treat which makes staying in a hotel more special!! When the toast is cold, it definitely needs a hot cup of tea with it.

  4. Suzie says:

    It has to be cold! In my case – its a boarding school thing – and was usually cooled in a stack of other pieces – so seriously chewy as well as cold! Can’t now eat it any other way!

  5. Michelle says:

    This is the strangest thing! My entire life I used to love hot buttered toast, but the last year my taste has completely changed. I now also leave my toast to cool down completely, and only THEN do I butter it. I prefer the unmolten butter now … and I have no idea why. Might be that I just really enjoyed the cold toast on a hotel visit that it stuck in my subconscious, who knows …?

  6. judithkingston says:

    Definitely hot! I like my butter melted. And I am Dutch. And like most Dutch people my actual preference is for slightly warm, crusty, fresh bread (UNtoasted) with a variety of interesting toppings, most of them involving chocolate of some kind.

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