Where is home?


October 29, 2013 by talkaboutyork

imageI have been privileged to live in many different places. Tiny villages in rural countryside, to the heart of Manhattan, to ancient cities with beautiful architecture, to not quite so beautiful mining towns. From Africa to America to Britain, I am a wanderer. Home, I have come to realise, is where you are.

Yet. There are some places that just feel more like home than others. Like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle that just slots effortlessly into place giving a feeling of deep contentment. It is hard to say why a place may give that feeling more than any other.

This week I have left behind the beautiful city of York, my current home, to spend a week in a tiny cottage steps from the beach in a lovely little village called Kingsand in Cornwall. It all got a bit exciting when the storm, St. Jude, rolled in, but mostly it is a sleepy little backwater set in an exquisite bay just around the corner from Plymouth Sound.

We have spent a good deal of time walking along the coastal paths, looking at forts and delving in rock pools. But this morning I managed to sneak out, leaving the boys and my husband lazing in front of various screens, while I went for a jog in the glorious early morning sunshine. The sea was flat and calm, quite unlike the previous few days when it had been a jumble of white horses and crashing surf. Now just a gentle crash swish broke the silence as gentle waves dragged unwilling shingle back and forth.

I ran through a green field with views over the bay. I watched the last of the ships that had been sheltering from the storm up-anchor and head back out on its voyage.

As I ran, I felt my head clear and that elusive feeling of ‘home’ stole over me. This is where I need to live. In a place that has changing scenery every day thanks to the weather and tides and maritime traffic. A place with narrow twisting streets where the ghosts of smugglers past are sure to roam. This is a place I can sail and have space to walk. It is where my imagination is stirred and possibilities and optimism come alive.


We won’t be moving from York. We have planted our roots there. For now. But one day, when my children have grown and we are less constrained by work and commuting commitments, I will live by the sea. I will eventually find somewhere that feels, deep inside, like home. Somewhere just like this.


3 thoughts on “Where is home?

  1. I really miss living by the sea, as we did on Long Island. There’s something about it, whatever the weather, that makes you feel as if you’re in touch with nature.

  2. Iota says:

    There is something about the sea… Oh, NVG just said that.

  3. […] to spend some time with my family, which was much needed. Late October we had a family holiday to Cornwall and in early December we were lucky enough to escape to Abu Dhabi for a child-free break, which […]

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