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November 19, 2013 by talkaboutyork

Today is apparently the International Day of Happiness, according to Facebook. I have done further searching online and have discovered that the United Nations International Day of Happiness was actually on 30 March this year. But I think I missed that, so I am more than happy (excuse the pun) to take part in this one.

I set my children a challenge this morning. They have to report back to me at the end of the school day with three things that made them happy during the day. If they can give me three good examples, I will give them three more things to make them happy (probably a packet of match attacks cards, some sweets and cuddle).

But I thought that it’s not fair that they should report on what makes them happy and I am let off the hook. So here is my list of things that have made me happy so far today (and it’s only 9.05):

  1. Enjoying the potato rosti that I made last night with left over potatoes for breakfast this morning with fried egg on top. Not slimming, but delicious.
  2. Noticing how the frost covering the astro turf at my son’s school sparkled in the bright sunshine. We closely examined it to try figure out why it sparkled like diamonds and found a leaf that was perfectly frosted so that we could see the individual crystals. My son thought it was very precious and wanted to keep it to show his friends and teacher, until I pointed out that once he took it inside it would melt and he’d just have a soggy leaf. So we put it back in the sunshine so it could sparkle a little bit longer.
  3. Talking to my boys on the walk to school about Comet ISON which is now visible from earth. And then talking about what comets are and realising that while I sort of knew, I didn’t really know. Going to the school library with my son and sitting on the floor browsing the countless books on space. His excitement at finding a book on comets and checking it out with the new scanning system (I’m not sure which was more exciting, the book or the scanner). But I love that he was so enthusiastic about both.
  4. Walking back from school with a school mum I haven’t seen in a while and having a friendly catch up so that we both had bigger smiles on our faces by the time we said goodbye.
  5. Having the freedom to spend my day going to yoga, followed by an icy walk on my own for book thinking time, followed by some writing, followed by finding out about what made my children happy today.

Happy International Happiness Day everyone. What makes you happy?



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