An apology


November 20, 2013 by talkaboutyork

Sometimes people make mistakes. Senseless mistakes that make you ask ‘why did you do that?’ Being able to forgive a mistake is hard. Trust me on this, I know.

I made a mistake in writing a blog post about violent video games. Or rather, I made a mistake in the way in which I wrote it as it has upset several of my friends and contemporaries who believe they are implicated by it and that it was aimed at them and their children.

For the record: it wasn’t. 

It was meant as a social commentary on a wider issue affecting many children and their parents. Due to my own poor writing ability and not thinking through how some of the words like ‘peers’ might be interpreted, it has deeply hurt some of the people who have trusted me most. For that I am profoundly sorry. My friends have done nothing other than open their homes to me and have supported my decisions in how I raise my children and the games I let them play.

I also apologise to my children who may feel the repercussions of my blog post as a result. I am deeply saddened that my words could cause upset to those I hold closest and whose best interests I have at heart.

While I apologise for the way in which I wrote and any misinterpretations, hurt and loss of trust that has resulted, I don’t apologise for my views on the games, which I still stand by. If this blog has generated a discussion amongst parents about which games are and aren’t appropriate for children to play on, then perhaps it wasn’t entirely wrong.

But that is little consolation for the loss of trust, friendship and hurt I have caused.

I am sorry.




4 thoughts on “An apology

  1. Debberoo says:

    I thought it was a great post and took “peer group” to mean all children of a similar age as yours. It certainly did not come across as being about any parent or family in particular. I was going to leave a comment last night saying how good I thought the piece was and I wanted to link it to my blog but I was too tired to write a post of my own to go with it. (I’d still like to at some point, if you don’t mind?)

    The comment I was going to leave was something along the lines of how, unlike yourself, I do find it hard not to judge parents who let their children play games with such violent content. You expressed my own reasons why I think they are inappropriate/damaging for children and why another parents choice to allow their child to play them has an impact on those of us who choose not to.

    Thank you for writing the post I think it encourages a really important discussion.

    I’m so sorry it has upset people you care about and I hope that with a bit of time they will see it was not an attack on anyone or intended to hurt anyone but was a really thoughtful, heartfelt and very valid viewpoint. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, it doesn’t mean its wrong and it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be voiced.

  2. Oh dear. The dangers of blogging. But did any of them feel able to explain why they let their young children play Call of Duty?

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