Talk About York gets a new home – please read!


February 3, 2014 by talkaboutyork

Technology and I aren’t really happy bed fellows. Which is why I have dragged my blogging heels for over five years about moving to a self-hosted blog. But for numerous reasons, I have decided at last to get my very own domain name and get access to all the whizzy complicated things I don’t understand features that this offers.

So as of today, any blog posts for Talk About York will be found on

Did I say that loudly enough?

I am hoping that the technical squirrels who figure these things out and eat nuts all day will migrate all of my lovely followers over to the new site. I shall be posting a blog post on the new blog today as a test (although you may not have been moved over yet). And again later this week. So if you don’t get them, please can you post a comment on here and tell me so that I can thunk my head into the desk before calling someone clever for help.

The blog will remain the same – you’ll barely notice a difference – it’s just going to have its own shiny new home. Like a college kid heading off to rent their first apartment. Moving house cards are welcome. Please pop by the new site to say hi and here’s hoping the google fairies help me be found.

If any bloggers out there have been through this process and have any words of wisdom for me, please do share. See the opening sentence of this blog post.

Till then, see you on the new site. xx


2 thoughts on “Talk About York gets a new home – please read!

  1. thanks for your comments on my blog!

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