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If you are a PR person who happens to look after destinations, restaurants, shops, pubs, clubs, museums (you get the picture) in York or surrounding areas, and would like me to review it for you, let me know. I will give my honest opinion. Similarly, if you would like me to run a competition or give-away for your York related business, please get in touch. If I say no, please don’t be sad. It might not be right for me.  You can email me on melissatalago at gmail dot com.

If you’d like to advertise on this blog (which I do believe would be a good thing for York-based organisations to do), please get in touch.  If I don’t believe your product or service is relevant or suitable, I’ll say so.

For PR people:

  • I have two boys of primary school age. I am not interested in baby related products. Or things with fairies either. Army stuff, fart jokes, wii games, stain removal products, wine (for me) – that’s more our bag. We like being outdoors, exploring, sailing, sport, visiting historical places (particularly if they involved blood, gore, death, disaster or military of some kind). I like vintage tea rooms and cake.
  • I don’t need free content. I write my own content.  So I’m not likely to run your press release. Please don’t spam me.
  • You will no doubt want to know how many people read this blog. Right now, it’s brand new. I ran my previous blog since 2008, was one of the first members of British Mummy Bloggers (now Britmums), and I had an average of 350 – 500 visitors per week. But I didn’t promote it in anyway. It just grew organically (much like the courgettes I grew last summer). I like to think people read my blog because they enjoy the writing. Once I have some more numbers, I will shout about them.

Mwah mwah (that’s what us PR luvvys do right?)


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